Owner & Chef


Owner Noah Talmatch was 16 years old when he landed his first restaurant job as a bus boy in his home town, Great Neck N.Y. This was the beginning of his long, multi layered and exciting career in the hospitality industry. Over the years, Noah has lived and worked in just about every position in restaurants and bars all over the world, including Sweden, France, Norway, Hawaii & Los Angeles. After 11 years of traveling, working and learning, Noah returned to NYC and opened his first establishment, The Ice Bar, which would go on to become one of New York City’s busiest and most well-known nightclubs. He followed with several more award winning places including NOA & The Lucky Burger Chain. Noah’s extensive experience, appreciation, passion for great wine and food finally brought him up to Portland Maine where he opened The North Point & Timber Steakhouse.


Executive Chef and Maine native, Michael Allen, has been working in the food service industry for seventeen years but has been in love with food since childhood, with some of his earliest and happiest memories revolving around large family meals. As a single father, not only trying to put food on the table, but also looking to demonstrate the power of hard-work and doing what he loves and striving to gain as much knowledge as possible. He has gained years of invaluable experience in designing his own menus, leading a first rate kitchen team and working with local purveyors to provide our patrons the very finest in fresh ingredients.

Chef Michael’s food can be described as creative, yet traditional in style, with a deep appreciation for local ingredients and focus on mindful plating. His goal is not just to design a beautiful dish with incredible flavor, but to do so with passion and intention. He takes pride in showing strong leadership while working hard to inspire and educate his team.