Our Team

Owner Noah Talmatch was 16 years old when he landed his first restaurant job as a bus boy in his home town, Great Neck N.Y. This was the beginning of his long, multi layered and exciting career in the hospitality industry. Over the years, Noah has lived and worked in just about every position in restaurants and bars all over the world, including Sweden, France, Norway, Hawaii & Los Angeles. After 11 years of traveling, working and learning, Noah returned to NYC and opened his first establishment, The Ice Bar, which would go on to become one of New York City’s busiest and most well-known nightclubs. He followed with several more award winning places including NOA & The Lucky Burger Chain. Noah’s extensive experience, appreciation, passion for great wine and food finally brought him up to Portland Maine where he opened The North Point & Timber Steakhouse

General Manager Alison Mulholland grew up in the North East Kingdom of Vermont and was raised in a home grown environment of pastured animals and massive gardens with parents who had a penchant for lingering family meals and table time. While traveling the country and living in small-town Spain, her love of food and drink were enhanced. Alison is enthusiastic about sharing these values and experiences with you when you come to Timber!

Chef Christian Bassett's passion for cooking has shone at Timber Steakhouse and Rotisserie. After taking over the kitchen in 2015, Chef Bassett cultivated a 'scratch' kitchen program at Timber. Proteins, and the bulk of our produce, are now locally sourced right here from Maine.  Chef Christian brought his love for the culinary arts to Timber, and made us Maine's Premier Steakhouse.

 Bar Manager Henry Jost has been working in the restaurant service industry since 1985. Previously in Oklahoma, Boston, Tampa, and St. Pete. Henry settled in the Downeast Maine area, before moving to Portland in early 2013 to experience the bustling cocktail scene. Even though gin is his favorite spirit, Henry has found a passion in bourbon and whiskey since joining the opening team at Timber. When not trying to throw the bloodhounds off his scent, Henry can be found anywhere fine gin and whiskey are poured.